Heu-manoid Mini

  • Personal Desktop Humanoid robot

  • 3D printed body 

  • Controlled with mobile application

  • Comes with a wide range of gestures

  • Add your own gestures from the mobile app

  • Helps to understand and learn robotics in a fun way

Call     : +91 9000499948

E-Mail : pavanraju@heu.ai

Humanoids for Healthcare

We provide humanoid robot which helps to understand the patients mental and physical health states by analysing their health data like temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels along with built-in personality and sentiment analysis capabilities.

               Our health care humanoids can also be used in hospitals to assist the nurses and doctors with the medical conditions of the patients. Robot will be reminding the patients with the medicines and alert the nursed or doctors in case of emergency.

Humanoids for Service

For banks, airports, insurance companies and other financial institutions. The robot comes with the customized functions for each institute with the features helping in assisting the customers. It comes with the dynamic facial expression display, face recognition technology used to greet the staff and regular customers and two-way voice interaction.

Artificial intelligence integrated with the humanoid robot helps for analysing the customer queries and answer them accordingly.

Humanoids for Personal Assistance

Our personal assistance humanoid robot is the first humanoid robot that truly interacts with the humans like never before. It comes with the wide range of entertainment gestures inbuild in it which can be controlled with a dedicated mobile application. It has an artificial intelligent processor unit used to facial recognition and to deliver best two-way natural conversations to the family members.

               AI assistant in the robot helps to make you stay updated with the latest news, controlling your home appliances, as a personal photographer.

Humanoids for Restaurants

Humanoids at restaurants change the way of serving food to the customers like never before. We provide service robots which takes orders from the customers and deliver the dishes to them sitting at respective tables. It creates a friendly environment with the customers using its natural conversational skills and the customer will be provided with the tablets to control the gestures of the robot and to interact with the robot to make the orders.