Future with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to change the world, how electricity did. When electricity was invented it affected each and every person on this planet. Today we take electricity for granted as it is readily available and we cannot imagine life without electricity.

Invention of electricity did not just bring light in dark hours but there were many basic and crucial problems it solved. To name few People couldn't preserve food for long, Cooking food was difficult with fire, Indoor heating in cold areas to ironing clothes like problems were solved with the invention of Electricity only.

Similarly, Many think Artificial Intelligence would only affect computer industry but that is not the case. Artificial Intelligence has potential to change a lot of things, It would affect Health sector, Mechanical Industries to a housewife working in home.

If you observe you would see AI has already started becoming part of our life, As organizations like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and many others using it make there apps more smart. Video Recommendation in YouTube, Friend suggestions in Facebook and Product recommendation in Amazon has helping has helped these organization succeed in making us addicted to there apps which ultimately helps them in earning a lot money.

If you think for A while you would realize these are not the ideal applications of AI. AI can be used in lot of other places for saving lives to solving issue of poverty. There are such organizations also which are working on these problems. Take example of Self Driving cars, though they are being developed because it would take away cost of salary paid to drivers but If you think carefully, With Self-Driving Cars we can totally avoid road accidents. The number of people who die on the road in accidents are huge.

World has started realizing the potential of AI and a lot are working on it this is why I believe It is not Far away that we would see AI in each and every thing.